2DSastresBCN is all about a sustainable economy!

Almost a decade ago Giada started 2DSastresBCN with a friend. At first it was a passion for designing and making new kinds of holsters and bags that guided the project. It was all DIY and not very geared to making money. Occasionally a finished product was sold and a buck or two would trickle in... But there was no real economic security in the project. The two would hit up dumpsters and local flea markets for original free material, make new designs, and try and sell the finished product at local artisan markets. But 2DSastresBCN always seemed to spend more than it made. Then Etsy appeared. It was a "game-changer". Once online 2DSastresBCN took off, and the collective finally started thinking it could sustain itself through a passion- making cool bags DIY. Today 2DSastresBCN continues to grow and we keep developing new designs!

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